About Purple Turtle

Purple Turtle is an international Early Childhood Education (ECE) brand that has experienced massive growth within a short time. Purple Turtle Preschool Curriculum has been developed by UK, USA seasoned children’s authors and early learning experts.

First Indian IP with books sold in more than 25 countries. 1 million+ books have been sold and licensed all over the world in multiple languages.

Purple Turtle’s first animation series is an international co-production between India, Telegael from Ireland, Cyber Group Studios from France. It is currently Live on Discovery Kids Channel in MENA region (Middle East and North Africa)

Thousands of parents satisfied with Purple Turtle books and learning resources

Successfully completed more than 3500 digital preschool sessions even during coronavirus pandemic.

  • Satisfied customer base across 25 countries
  • World renown Education Board has created the curriculum, planner and books
  • Talking Books enables interactivity amongst children
  • English Language Training Program based on ATOS and Lexile methodology
  • Helps in better comprehension
  • Learning becomes interactive, effective and fun.
  • Proven effective for specially abled children

Branding & Marketing

Branding & Marketing services at no additional cost.

  • Get professionally designed business cards, pamphlets, brochures, stationery etc. to reach out to your prospects.

  • Promotional display hoarding and flex banners design to attract attention.

  • Lead management, CRM (Customer relationship management) access to attract and nurture your leads.

  • Assistance on enrolment, admissions.

  • Digital promotional materials including marketing videos to showcase and promote your preschool centre

  • Pages on Facebook, Instagram

  • Google Reviews

International Curriculam

Our curriculum is aligned with most international preschool statutory frameworks.

  • Carefully researched international curriculum with classes by early education experts from around the world
  • Developmentally-appropriate for children ages 3 to 6 years, internationally inclusive and supportive
  • Includes all books, workbooks, learning videos, animated series, learning aids including talking pen, day-to-day teaching and term-wise assessment guides that are in tune with most global frameworks and the best early education practices.
  • Library of children’s books - Coursebooks and Workbooks with structured term-wise curriculum for ages 3-6
  • Our international early learning curriculum is crafted by Emmy Awards-winning luminaries like Dev Ross, Pam and Dennys, seasoned children’s authors like New Zealand-based Lucas Remmerswaal, ATOS & Lexile methodology expert Cari Meister, Vanessa Black, Indian writer Benita Sen among others.

How our preschool programme helps


Our mobile app, Talking Pen enhanced books offer sensory stimulation. Kids can explore the concepts (like the alphabet, or the environment) in depth, using sight, sound, touch.

Speech & Language

The pen/app enhances kids’ language development. Every word is spelled out, every story narrated, songs sung by voice-over artists from the USA helping kids learn to read, listen & speak at the same time.


With stories and EVS topics like "Healthy Habits", "Good Manners" or "Keeping Safe", our books incorporate values and life skills.


Hundreds of practice book pages not only strengthen kids’ understanding of English, Maths & EVS concepts, but also promotes physical skills like eye-hand coordination and manipulation of small muscles (i.e., pencil grasp).

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